Hallo & Broccoli City are excited to bring you an immersive digital experience that brings together the nations leading minds and brands to help you elevate your career aspirations. The immersive, digital experience is designed to expose you to top companies that influence the worlds of technology and media.
Over the two-day celebrations, Hallo will serve as the digital destination for the digital career homecoming. Level up your career and register for this unique event.
The Format
The event is segmented into two experiences so that no
matter your path, you have a place to participate and
space to engage.
The Creatives
Those who are obsessed with design, branding and media who seek to use their talent and passion at brands that influence global culture.
The Innovators
Those who see technology and finance as major disruptive forces restructuring entire verticals like commerce, banking and social media.
Your career is waiting.
Real Brands. Real Advice.
We skip the politics and get to the point.
Our promotional partners
Hallo helps students get noticed, connected, and hired by visionary companies, all while building your professional network.
*Check your email for instructions to join the week of the event. Also, by joining Hallo, you have access to other events hosted on Hallo.