Frequently Asked Questions.
What is the The Revolution Tech Summit?
The Revolution Tech Summit is a three-day career event jointly hosted by Hallo and UNCF. The purpose of the event is to offer an open and collaborative space for African-American students, recent grads, and alumni interested in the tech industry and top brands to connect, engage in quality conversations, and build a mutually beneficial rapport. Over the span of these three days, companies will present to students from a wide array of topics ranging from how they are implementing strategies to increase diversity and inclusion in the office to the state of their industry to how you can join them in pushing the needle forward in innovation and excellence.
Who can attend the summit?
This event is catered to African-American students, recent grads, and alumni passionate about pursuing careers in tech. However, anyone can join these events if interested!
Is this a virtual event?
Yes. All events on Hallo are virtual.
Do I have to buy tickets to attend?
Nope. This event is free for students to attend. The event is mainly catered towards students from UNCF-member HBCUs. However, if you just want to drop in and enjoy the event, you're more than welcome to do so.
How do I sign up?
To sign up for an event, just click the registration button next to the event you'd like to attend. You'll be redirected to the event's sign-up page where you can officially reserve a spot.
Can I sign up for every event?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of the entire lineup. We've broken the event down over a period of three days so you can tune in to all the speakers without combatting virtual event fatigue.
Can I watch these events later if I can't make the sessions?
Yup! All events are available on-demand shortly after the session concludes.
You can always revisit the event page for a playback of the event with time-tags for all questions answered during the session for easy navigation.
Do I need to make an account on Hallo to attend the event?
Yes. You do need to make an account on Hallo to register for and attend the event. By making an account, you're helping us create a safer and more transparent environment for our community. We take data privacy very seriously, so you have nothing to worry about on that front. Furthermore, what information you'd like to share on your profile vs. what you'd like to withhold is at your discretion. However, we do recommend filling out your profile in its entirety so companies you express interest in get your comprehensive profile and so that we may continue to suggest events that are both relevant and interesting to you!
Will I have the opportunity to submit my resume to companies that are attending?
We've got you covered on this one! As soon as you register to attend a company's event, we send the company a copy of your Hallo profile. Make sure to update your profile (e.g. upload your resume, include college information, indicate what areas you want to pursue a career in, etc.) so that the company gets a complete snapshot of your candidacy and opportunities you'd be a good fit for.